scotts reflections

Guess what:I hav’nt acheved my goal because we hav’nt been summing .

What:I’ve been to the libery and I found a asame budy.

So what: I’ve          learnd that Raold dahl joined the air fore in 1930 .

Now What: I am going to try the same goal, to hold onto the bar and kick because I’m not very good at floating and holding onto something.

Kaitlins reflections

WHAT:I  have lernt  this  week  about  amazing  authors  like  where  were  they  born.

SO WHAT: So  i’ve  lernt  that  jacqueline  wilson  was  born  in  a  bath  and  other  kinds  of  things.

NOW WHAT: I want  to  try  and  find  what  is  the  most  popalour  book  they  have  rote.