Learning with Room 5

Our school is special because we have two Maori immersion classes.  These classes do most of their learning in Maori.  We are really lucky because as part of our work on whanaungatanga, we will be working and developing relationships with Room 5.  Today was our first visit.

Powhiri – Maori welcoming ceremony

First of all The Pirates of Room 4 walked to Room 5 Rosie and another member of Room 5 performed a Karanga (welcome call).  A boy from Room 5 welcomed us in Maori.  After that Whaea Rosie also welcomed us.  She spoke in Maori and then in English.  Room 5 sang a song.

Stick Games

After the powhiri, we played some Maori stick games with Room 5.  It was fantastic, we had a great time. We had to tap the sticks on the ground and then together in a rhythm.  Room 5 helped us with this and Whaea Rosie sang to help us.  Next we had to throw the sticks to our Room 5 partner.  First we did it with our right hand then our left hand.  At first it was a little bit hard but then we got better.

Learning language and culture

After the stick games we went inside and learnt how to shake hands in Maori – you have to press your noses together and say Tena Koe.  This is called a hongi and is how people greet each other.  (Have a look at the picture below.)

Hongi - maori greeting

Hongi - maori greeting

Author: Kara Reuter   Title: Rotorua License: CC 2.0 Generic

Finally we learnt how to say our names and then sang a song – all in maori.

Thank you for giving us an enjoyable time Room 5.