Developing our understanding about Fractions

We are still getting to grips with fractions which are pretty complicated things but we’ve been practising hard and even though we still have lots more to learn, we’re definitely getting better.
When Mr. Chapman (otherwise known as Craig) who is the Southland interactive whiteboard man came in, he made this video with some of the kids. We hope you enjoy it and learn something new about fractions.


Did you learn anything new?

Can you help us to learn something new about fractions?

Playground Games

In term 2 we started watching the playground games that the children at Hawes Primary School play in Yorkshire, England.  This term, lots more children have started playing their own ones.  Here is one that some of my children like.  I’m not sure I understand the end of it but they seem to think it’s great fun.

Well done Jonty for doing a great job as cameraman!


What kind of playground games do you play at your school?

Spelling Homework

Every week Room 4 get new spelling words as part of their spelling homework. Some kids love spelling and others hate it. So, this is a post for those that would rather be doing something other than their spellings when they get home.
Using, you can enter your own personal spelling list by clicking on create a custom list. Once you type them in (spelling them correctly of course), there are then lots of different games you can play which will help you practise YOUR words.

So what are you waiting for.  Click on the picture and check it out.


Who knew spelling could be so fun!

The Ant and The Chrysalis

We have recently been learning about fables in both reading and writing.
For this weeks shared reading, we are looking at the fable The ant and the chrysalis.
The Pirates will be looking and thinking about what lesson this fable teaches us and trying to apply it to real life.


Can you think of any times when this lesson would be a useful one to remember?

The Postcard Project

So, The Postcard Project ended up being more of a success than I ever imagined. When I first dreamed it up, I thought, maybe I’ll get ten schools interested if I’m lucky. But, six months on:

– 82 classes have currently filled in their complete details;
– These classes cover 10 countries and…
– 5 of the 6 continents. (Considering there are apparently no permanent residents in Antarctica let alone any schools, I think we can excuse Antarctica for not taking part in the project – although I have recently discovered that someone I know, knows someone in Antarctica – a potential link here I think!)

So thanks for all those who have taken part so far. We’ve loved receiving your postcards and sending you ours and we’ve learnt a whole heap about other countries and their cultures. If you haven’t received your postcard from us yet, don’t worry, it will definitely be on its way!

Here’s a little video clip of the postcards we’ve received so far and a map so you can see where they came from… enjoy!


View The Postcard Project in a larger map

South East Asia Inquiry – The Glogs

Following on from the research we have been doing as part of our South East Asia Inquiry, each group presented their work as either a poster, an online poster (a Glog) or a Keynote (otherwise known as a Powerpoint). Over the next few days, I’ll be putting the children’s work up for all to see.

All the children did a great job.

Enjoy the presentations and feel free to leave us a comment. (Click on the Glog image to go to the actual Glog.)

From the Pirates of Room 4 and Room 2

Have you ever been to or researched a country in South East Asia?
What was it like?
Did you find out anything different compared to us?