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Hi!  I’m Sarah and I teach at Newfield Park School in Invercargill, New Zealand.  I have recently made the move from Palmerston North (on the North Island) down to Invercargill (on the South Island) and so Newfield Park School is another new adventure for me.  New Zealand is pretty new for me too, I arrived here from England in September 2009 and I’m loving it – it’s an awesome country.

It takes approximately 24 hours (a whole day and night) to fly from England to New Zealand!

It takes approximately 24 hours (a whole day and night) to fly from England to New Zealand!

This year I’ll be teaching a class of Year 2 children (age 6-7).  We’ll hopefully learn a lot and have loads of fun along the way.  I’ll let them tell you a bit more about themselves once we start school in February.  But for now, for those of you that haven’t ever visited New Zealand before here’s a map.  Can you find Invercargill?

Our school is in Palmerston North.  Can you find it?

Our school is in Invercargill. Can you find it?

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  1. Hi, I am a long-time educator and children’s book writer and live in Maryland, USA. My last book was The Leakeys: A Biography and that’s how I spotted your blog! I’ve also written picture books for young children like those in your class. Writing books is exciting and teaching school is too. It”s a wonderful career–enjoy your year and many more.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your message. I just googled your book – it’s about my family! What a coincidence. How long have you been writing books for?

  2. Hi Five Degrees
    Hope everything is going well. It was fun to read the blogs from MonaJh and Scott and everyone.
    I am busy here at Plant and Food. Today Ed, one of the plant scientists who helps flowering plants make new and special flowering plants showed me some of his limonium flowers. They are tiny but because there are so many on each stem they look like bunches of flowers. He wants me to try and mix some of them together so I can make some new flowers! It is very exciting but it takes a long time because the flower has to make a seed, then we have to plant the seeds, then we have to wait for the plant to grow big enough to have a flower, and then it has to flower, and if Ed doesn’t like the new flower he has to do it all again and that can take a whole year!!!
    Another scientist I have done some work with is Kees ( you say it ‘Case’) – he loves beetles. He wants to find out if the specail super-duper flyspray they use to fumigate the logs NZ sends overseas is really killing the beetles inside them. So I helped label the logs and put them into big metal tanks, then they put spray in the tanks and leave the logs for 5 days. When the logs came out we had to split them open and take out all the dead beetle larvae – they were huhu grubs and some of them were as big as my finger – lots of them were dead which was good because the live ones were wriggly and quite yukky and I had to touch them to put them in a container so we could count them. Ick!
    So I am doing lots of different things with the other scientists but I am also doing my own experiemnts. It is a bit like Seed 2 Table except you have to do everything perfectly! I am trying to grow miniature vegetables so I have some seeds in a big greenhouse where they get looked after by automatic watering and temperature control and some out in the gardens where they have to wait for it to rain or for me to come with the watering can. So far the seeds inside have grown much more quickly than the outside ones. Next week I will put some of the seeds I planted inside onto a table outside so the little plants can get used to being out in the real world and then later I will plant them in the garden. Hoepfully they will keep growing. I will try and send some pictures of my seedlings another day.
    Take care and be good

  3. Extremely great post. I just digg your blog and needed to say that i get certainly loved reading through your blog posts.Any way I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you post again soon.

  4. Hi guys!

    I just wanted to say that I had a fantastic time on the marae stay with you. You are a terrific class, with a terrific teacher. You displayed great integrity on the trip when faced with new challenges, such as the maori welcome, karakia,harakeke weaving and sleeping in a new environment. Your sketches in the wharenui, showed what budding artists you are. Well done to you all!

    Caitlin (Callum’s mum)

  5. Hi Sarah and everyone in 5 degrees, what a cool name you have!
    I am enjoying checking out your blog. I love the way you have a game of week – I might do that sometimes!
    I have been to NZ once but I have never been to Palmerston North. I would love to visit your great country again.
    Keep up your terrific work and I look forward to visiting your blog again,
    Your friend,
    Miss McGeady

  6. Hi Caitlin,
    Thanks for your message. We all had a fantastic time as well. I had great fun learning lots of new skills and information.
    Thanks for coming along with us, we really appreciate it and couldn’t have had the trip without the support of the parents.


  7. Hi,
    I really like your blog. I teach computers in a small school in Chicago. Our 2nd graders are looking for 2nd grade classes in other continents to study all of the continents together. We are hoping to have fun and learn at the same time. If you are interested in joining our project, please fill in our spreadsheet http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AhhBwrpPFyDidFNwX1ZkVDVBb011RkozWXF2WVVKdXc&hl=en#gid=0 or contact me (Mrs. Faith Shabat at yayafaith@aol.com). It would be fun to learn about different features of each continent together.

  8. WOW Room Four,
    What a fantastic Blog. I am a Grade Six Teacher from Melbourne, Australia. We have a teddy bear that we send around the world to visit other schools. You should have a look and perhaps our ‘Eddie’ can visit your school too.
    Our blog is at,
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Mr Missen

  9. Hi Pirates
    I am Eloise from 4DS. We were very excited as yesterday we received your postcard. Just wanted to say thanks very much and that we got it!

    Regards Eloise and all of 4DS.

    • Hi Eloise and 4DS,
      Sorry for the slow reply, The Pirates are on holiday at the moment. We are glad that your postcard arrived safely.
      Miss. Leakey

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