Goodbye Pirates and Goodbye New Zealand

After a great year with The Pirates, I sadly left at the end of Term 3 when the class was taken over by Mrs Duncan and I returned to the UK as my partner returned their for work reasons – much to my disappointment!

I had promised that I would post something related to what we were doing on our way back home on the blog. So, here are a few photos of our recent adventures before finally leaving New Zealand.

The first set are related to winter mountaineering and of one of the mountains Richard and I climbed in New Zealand – Mt. Aspiring.

Organising my rope in the snow!

Sleeping in my snow cave!

At the top of Mt. Aspiring

The photo below is of the Rugby World Cup Final which despite my attempts to rally the children around supporting England, we were out of the competition so I happily went in supporting THE ALL BLACKS who, much to my delight, won!

RWC FINAL - All Blacks vs. France

Pirates, enjoy your summer holidays and have a great year next year.

For worldwide viewers who follow this blog, I will hopefully be back blogging with a new class once I have one again!

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