Goodbye Pirates and Goodbye New Zealand

After a great year with The Pirates, I sadly left at the end of Term 3 when the class was taken over by Mrs Duncan and I returned to the UK as my partner returned their for work reasons – much to my disappointment!

I had promised that I would post something related to what we were doing on our way back home on the blog. So, here are a few photos of our recent adventures before finally leaving New Zealand.

The first set are related to winter mountaineering and of one of the mountains Richard and I climbed in New Zealand – Mt. Aspiring.

Organising my rope in the snow!

Sleeping in my snow cave!

At the top of Mt. Aspiring

The photo below is of the Rugby World Cup Final which despite my attempts to rally the children around supporting England, we were out of the competition so I happily went in supporting THE ALL BLACKS who, much to my delight, won!

RWC FINAL - All Blacks vs. France

Pirates, enjoy your summer holidays and have a great year next year.

For worldwide viewers who follow this blog, I will hopefully be back blogging with a new class once I have one again!

The Postcard Project

The last day of Term 3 was pretty hectic but we managed to squeeze in time to take a walk down to the local postbox and post the FORTY postcards that we had written but hadn’t managed to post yet. Some of these were handmade – this was inspired by a class that had sent us one with a self drawn picture of their school. The children loved it so much they decided to do the same thing. The other postcads were kindly donated by a parent.

We’ve had great fun writing our postcards and learning about the places that we’ve received postcards from.

We hope you have either received your postcard from us or you receive it very soon.

Enjoy the slideshow!

NPS Up and Go Show

Here is the latest episode of the NPS Up and Go Show. We have tried to take on the comments that people have left us and we appreciate the time you took to leave them. This time we had a go at using a green screen for some parts of it which was fun but there were a few problems with it.

We hope you enjoy the show and would love your feedback about things that you liked and ways that we could improve.

Hello Room 4

Good morning Room 4,

I’ve been learning just like you all, how to blog with Miss Leakey. I’m looking forward to being in your class next Term. I’m sure you are all working hard writing your Maori myths. Miss Leakey has shown me one or two and it sounds like you have some awesome ideas about things about Maui.

I’m going to be in Room 9 tomorrow, so please come and say hello and tell me what you are up to for the weekend. I’m having a birthday party for my 14 year old at home and watching the rugby.

Have a awesome day of learning in Room 4
Mrs Duncan

Rocky’s Rugby Tour: Invercargill

The Super 7 Scoopers in Dunedin sent us a little chap called Rocky some time ago. Rocky is now on a rugby tour visiting several places in New Zealand that are hosting Rugby World Cup games. His first tour was in Invercargill.
The Pirates of Room 4 worked hard to think about and then write about places that they enjoy going to in Invercargill. The children wrote the scripts themselves and then we used a green screen to film.
It was our first attempt at using a green screen and it helped us to understand more about our concept for this term which is uncertainty. We really had no idea how this would turn out but thought we’d give it a go anyway. We know there are some issues with lighting that we need to fix for future attempts but as a first attempt it’s pretty good.
The kids did an amazing job and should be really proud of their achievements.

We’d love to know what you think.

NPS Up and Go Show – Episode 1

Miss. Leakey is lucky enough to work with a great group of Year 5 and 6 students who form the schools ICT team. The team have just started creating a news show where they learn the skills of script writing, filming techniques, uploading and editing videos including adding text, visual and audio effects and credits. They are also developing an awareness of the complicated world of copyright!

Enjoy the show!

This is their very first episode and I thought they did a great job. After watching it, they’ve already begun to think about how they could improve for next time but would love to know your thoughts on what you liked and how they could improve.